Our fans are the reason we sing and why we love what we do! Meeting you, getting photos from you and making the moment last by snapping a photo with you are highlights for us – every single show. While we can’t show all the thousands of fan photos you’ve sent to us over the years, we are proud to display this collection. Plus, we’ve just begun a collection of your comments on social media. We read every one – thank you! Your support means the world. Do you have a memory to share? Visit Facebook or Instagram to share them with us.

Featured fan photo above courtesy of The 5th Wheel blog. 

In case we don’t say it often enough, we love you, fans! Here’s to you! 


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Photos From Fans

Comments From Fans

“Incredible! We enjoyed the show immensely! The mixture of music, humor and patriotism was fantastic! The location had excellent acoustics.” Mark G, TripAdvisor

“The music is wonderful and the guys are so personable. Just saw them again this year. Lots of different types of music for everyone.” -Gayle T, Facebook

“Fantastic show!! Truly a great musical experience. Will go again.” -Walt A, Facebook

“Best show in Branson!!!! SIX Does an amazing job creating music without instruments. The music is great and they always add some comedy in when you don’t expect it.” -Hope D, Facebook

“Absolutely fabulous. I have lost count on how many times we have enjoyed these amazing brothers, and they never disappoint!” -marcusnkai96, TripAdvisor

“Love this unique and fun show, I highly recommend!” -Debbie C, Google

“We saw their show this past Monday……they still got what it takes to make me return again and again. This group of brothers are Fantastic!” James M, Facebook

“Great show. These six brothers put on one of the best shows that I have seen in a while. Their voices are fantastic and they were pretty funny also, we had great seats and the theater was cozy. You would never think that a group could sound so good with no instruments just their voices.” markhC1247RP, TripAdvisor

“One of the best shows in Branson…unique, fun, multi-talented brothers singing without instruments…amazing singers & will keep you smiling also.” -Karen D, Facebook

“These guys are amazing! I hope I get the chance to see them again.” -Stacy O, Google

“Best show I have ever seen in Branson.” -Chuck G, Google

“We have been a few times!! Always an AMAZING Show!!! These guys are AMAZING & A MUST SEE SHOW ❤❤” – Tracy B, Facebook

“Loved the show so much! Hope to see it again when we come back to Branson! These are some of the most talented brothers I’ve ever seen!” – Rebecca C, Facebook

“AMAZING!!! My wife and I went to see these guys a couple of weeks ago, and we have seen them at least once per year for the 14 years they have been in Branson. Great guys with incredible vocals. There isn’t a group of performers in Branson that can compare to what these guys do vocally. From snare drums to trumpets and trombones to electric guitars. This might be the best show they’ve ever had. Put them on your list when you come to Branson.” – Bill B, TripAdvisor

“Wonderful show. These guys are great and funny.” – Debra P, Google

“Amazing!!!! We absolutely loved this show! Everything about it. The talent is AMAZING and they really know how to involve the audience. The kids also loved the cars parked in front of the theater.” – maliamullins, TripAdvisor

“VERY TALENTED GUYS! Highly recommend this show if you are in Branson.” Melissa L, Facebook

“SUCH extremely talented guys!! I love their voices, their personalities, their song choices, how personal they make their show, the whole vibe! Six is my favorite Branson show. :)” – Miki W, Facebook

“Soooo amazing!! Such an entertaining show-one for all ages! Thanks for a great evening of entertainment. Looking forward to coming again next time we are in town!” – Cindy L, Facebook

“Love The Talent. Always take in a show by SIX. The talent these brothers have is incredible. We always encourage our friends to go see SIX. A show that is family friendly & will not make anyone feel uncomfortable. You will laugh at the comedy & sing along with the songs. If you are in Branson, go see SIX, You will not be disappointed.” – jacquelineh72, TripAdvisor

“Most incredible music group I have seen in Branson! Incredible voices, great humor, great songs for all generations!” – Paul B, Facebook

“This is one of the best shows…I have ever seen.” – Jackie C, Facebook

“Awesome show! Kids loved it too. Great for all ages!!” – Debbie A, Facebook

“Phenomenal!!! The talent these brothers possess is nothing short of phenomenal. My husband, two boys (ages 12 and 9) and I absolutely loved this show. Getting to meet the brothers, take pictures and get autographs after the show was icing on the cake…” – tonibland, TripAdvisor

“Phenomenal performance! This show is a must see while visiting Branson. The kids enjoyed it as much as the adults!” – Jennifer W, Facebook

“Amazing performances. After three times coming to see SIX, it still amazes me how they can sound just like the real instruments. I love this group and I plan to keep on coming back to visit them. Amazing job!” – orchadork08, TripAdvisor

“Saw them again today!!!! Fabulous as always!!!!! Voices are amazing & they do some great comedy as well!!!!” – Lani A, Facebook

“Everything!!!!!!!!!! When they sing they only have each other and NO MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. Sounds like a Orchestra of Human Voices 100%. When you see or hear this wonderful group you will go back again and play their music over and over.” – Mary H, Facebook

“Great Show, I go every time I’m in Branson.” – Barbara B, Facebook


“These six brothers were great. It is amazing that they can sing together for so long. They didn’t need instruments or a band. They make the sounds with their mouths. One of them wrote a song for his mother, and pictures were shown during this song. What a neat tribute to their mother. They had the best rendition of Battle Hymn of the Republic and Hallelujah that I think I have ever heard. This is a must go to show.” – farmmama_mo, TripAdvisor

“Great show as always. Could see them again and again. Very talented brothers. I dont know how they do all the instrument sounds with their mouths, but wow…its AMAZING!!!” – lindalulu5, TripAdvisor

“Amazing. The advertisement says it all – six voices, ZERO instruments, all music. These six amazing men can make it sound like there is a backup band behind them. They go through several musical genres with each taking turns as the lead singer – all are very talented singers. The music is choreographed and entertaining. It is just hard to say how good they are – this is one show in Branson that one should not miss. They are at the Hughes Family Theatre. They all came out for a meet and great after the show for autographs and pictures – a personable group of guys.” – Steve B, TripAdvisor

“Absolutely the best show for all ages!!” – Debbie K, Facebook

“BEST show in Branson!!!! Love these guys!!!” – Nancy F, Facebook

“Best two hours I’ve spent in a long time. Amazing talent, fun, touching, and a great family show.” – Jim H, Facebook

“Can’t get any better than this!” – Karen S, Facebook

“This was our favorite show. All ages will enjoy this!” – Kathie W, Facebook

“Best show in Branson hands down👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 love the atmosphere they create, the story of their childhood and growing up, their parents, their silliness on stage and how amazing they all sounds🙌🏼🙌🏼 not to mention their sweet looking cars 😉😉” – Dawn D, Facebook

“BEST SHOW IN BRANSON! Brought a friend for the first time in June. Now he wants to come back to Branson, only to see SIX again!” – Gail W, Facebook

“This was an all-around wonderful performance. The talent and enthusiasm that these men show is simply amazing. I was mesmerized from start to finish!” -Wendy K, Facebook

“The one show I bring any visiting family & friends to!!!!!” – Lani A, Facebook

“Best show in Branson. The talent of these guys is beyond anything you can imagine.” – TJ C, Facebook

“BEST SHOW IN BRANSON! Saw you a couple weeks ago. Can’t wait to get back!” – Gail W, Facebook

“Saw the show today! ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! They are so talented. I recommend everyone see their show.” – Karen G, Facebook

“Wonderful! Uplifting! A joy to listen to! Great clean entertainment for young and old alike. We wouldn’t miss a chance to see them each and every time we travel to Branson. We definitely recommend that you try to make it to one of their shows. You won’t be disappointed.” – Janet M, Facebook

“By far our favorite show on our first trip to Branson!” – Donna W, Facebook

“Omg!! These 6 brothers are so awesome!!” – Patti M, Facebook

“Enjoyed by three generations! We were entertained from beginning to end! The six brothers were extremely talented. Their song choices, fantastic harmony, and “instrumental” sounds entertained our group ranging from age 18 to age 72.” – Miswest, TripAdvisor

“Wonderful. These guys were awesome, I can’t wait to see them again!!! Highly recommend if you want a great night out and listen to some awesome music!!” -Vacation773488, TripAdvisor

“I stand amazed at the control and quality of SIX. Their voices resonate throughout the audience. If this group is unknown to you, by all means, go and treat your ears to professional voices. Enjoy their unique voices that create every single sound in their performance 🎶❤️” – Countrydrive53, TripAdvisor

“Six is a 10+. I was blown away. No instruments needed these guys do an entire band just with their voices. The wipe out drum solo was awesome!!” – Dave T, Google

“All I can say is WOW, what a show these guys put on. You will not be sorry watching them!” – John S, Google

“This is a must see show in Branson MO. Incredible entertainers. Two hours of outstanding music and a bit of hilarious comedy.” – Dennis W, Google

“Have seen this show 3 times and Six has exceeded my expectations each time!! Incredible energy and so much fun. Their talent is off the charts! Love this show and can’t wait to go again!” – Andrew P, Google

“If you get a chance to see this shoe, GO! We took our whole family, children and grandchildren, to see it and EVERYONE LOVED IT!!!” – Carol C, Google

“It was a fun, family friendly experience. The brothers play to each other very well. I enjoyed the music choices and comedic infusion throughout the show.” -Hartley R, Google